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Friday, April 16, 2010

long time no see :)

i've been absent a couple o' years now but now i'm at it again :)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

i just had a bad day

it was a long time ago

edited 2010-04-16

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


so i've been absent again :/ sry fellas. well, i discovered that i'm in need for a girl, "tell me sumthin i didn't know" so this post is mainly gonna be me complainin 'bout a life as a single xD

first of all i'm gonna tell you sum theories of my "girl-situation"
i've noticed that i'm the fifth wheel at most parties :/ like i go with a couple of friends n' ending up at home wanking in my sad lonelyness ;P

and when it finally happens! i got a girl that's actually intrested in the "random-loop-kinda-guy" i know as me, they just leave me halfway trough the friggin "pick-up-process" it's so damn annoying! :( it's like they started sumthin they couldn't handle :/ i'm not that complicated D: and second. what about me, well... let's put it this way i'm not the guy that go to clubs n' tryin to pick up the first girl in sight. so i'm in a kinda downward spiral of shyness n' lonelyness. but i'm also the guy that doesn't do a shit about it :/ well now i forgot what else to rant about so "i'll be back!"

// peace reaktor5

Friday, June 20, 2008

sorry for the abscence :(

the reason i've been away is that i'm not feeling pretty well anymore my mental health is reduced to zero :( so i've not come up with any adventures since the last :P but i've been thinking alot on negative things. like, suicide n' that kind of shit. but i'm to cowardly to do it... so todays post is not gonna be long n' mostly depressive cuz i'm VERY depressed at the moment :( but anyhow have a nice friggin day everybody ^^

Thursday, June 12, 2008

adventure of teh weekend 6-7/6-08

the weekend was totally wierd xD

i smoked almost 5gr of hashish this weekend xD it was the funniest weekend in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time xD me n' my cousin went out on this god forsaken island with SWARMS of mosquitos and no munchies what so ever but the mosquitos was quite tasty xD at the arrival on the island i rolled the biggest joint i've ever seen i swear it was humongous i contained approx 3gr of sum fine maroccan hashish it smelled awesome n' tasted almost as good :D

five minutes after the joint was finished we started see all kind of stuff we never noticed at the arrival, like that tree stump looks like a car and the water is playing the most wonderful tune i've ever heard it was totally fabulous, eeh i mean AWSOME xD then the hunger, ooh the hunger :O with two knuckleheads on a god forsaken island that "forgot" to bring food n' sweeties. we tasted the mosquitos xD seriously they tasted quite good xD

then we started to get back home, arriving at home i rolled up the bits n' pieces left of the hash and then we found... *drumfill* TEH FRIDGE!!! n' it was filled with all kinds of sweeties n' food so we started to eat. ALOT. then we passed out on the couch xD well that was my weekend folks :P

that's the random adventure for this month xD n' folks don't smoke yourself retarded xD

//peace reaktor5

Monday, June 9, 2008

rants of teh d4y 9/6-08

today was a f*cked up day. antihistamines not working, moods swaying worser than the bering sea, no cash n' so on. but there r sum highlights today :D my friend jensling's blog n' sunshine n' pretty ladies almost everywhere :D

damn i luv swedish summers xD n' 1 other thing musics also wierd today :/ the first thing i hear from winamp today was "wrapped in plastic" from combichrist - god wrapped in plastic. but 'ey combichrist is sum really good music thou :)

oh shite, almost forgot to introduce myself :P i'm not very different from my friend jensling, in other words i play alot of games both analog n' digital, i watch anime. i live n' "work" in skövde (pronounced schoevde, i know swedish is a f*cked up language xD) i'm musician, acrobat, juggler n' "poi dancer". well that's all folks :P for now ;)